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Chinese Translation – for Scobleizer

Carl • May 27, 2011 • Comments (0)

Folks -
You’re missing the most important aspect of the translation work I’m offering @Robert Scoble.
Crowdsourcing the translation.

Yes, (Google Translate) machine translation is crude.
Yet, the tiny (obscure) breakthrough of Google Translate is -
It asks – “contribute/make a better translation”, thereby including people.

That is the rabbit hole into Alice in Wonderland.

Regrettably, Google does not publish these grassroots translations at all – which is bonehead stupid.

I always wonder where the (translation) contributions I’m making are going.
They disappear – Google is just swallowing them, ignorantly.
Worse, Google may think it owns language.

Here’s how to crowd-translate Scoble into Chinese -

Google simply risks posting contributed translations – immediately, in real-time.
And, a Buzz API replicates gBuzz, with translations.

Yes, Google posts ALL translations (excellent, poor, spam) – immediately.
ANY and ALL grassroots/people-sourced translations.

To cope with the poor/spam translations – Like and/or Un-Like – and report spam.
Adding a bilingual moderator would help – I volunteer to moderate the quality of Scoble translations.

This utilizes Google Buzz as viral incubation – inventing inside Google Buzz.
New invention – real-time, social translation on Robert Scoble’s posts, comments, reply(s).

More importantly, it will crack open Google Translate forever to crowdsourcing everything.

Damn, conceited jackasses at Google.
Metaphorically – that’s the whole problem with Google.
They trust only their own Google robots – and do not use the INFINITE pool of people.

That’s why Google Translate sucks.
Google seems doomed to become Microsoft, grinding out a few bucks, not making history.

What I’m asking Robert Scoble to do -
— lobby Google how to design Google Translate for Google Buzz, now.

As grassroots translation.
A creativity incubation, hatched inside Google Buzz.
With Robert Scoble’s buzz simply the words to translate.

Scoble doesn’t lift a finger – other than to nudge Google how to design translation.
Let’s move Google Translate ahead 2-3 years in a few weeks.

Robert, simply continue your excellent posts in English – no work.

Done socially, translation is part Google robot, part Mechanical Turk (grassroot re-translations) – a tsunami of small, human edits on Google Translate’s crude robot words.

Translation – via the expertise of Facebook.

This pioneering work helps Google Translate crack the language barrier, on every Google imagination.
In other words, it will uncork Google Translate forever.




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