What is an apple commons?

• May 31, 2014 • Comments (0)

An apple commons is low-cost citizen network.

By design, a renaissance for farmers.

Twice as fresh – and 1/3 the cost.


Commons are not corporations.

A commons requires no buildings, no employees, and little expense.

It’s a voluntary structure for citizens to work the miracle of a common goal.

Commons are a glimpse into the future - here’s a map of the apples.


World-class Silicon Valley engineers are building this commons.

At dramatically lower costs – think “Google/Apple apps” at zero cost.

Beyond apps, making physical things like apples  near-zero cost is the next wave.


The goal is apples nearby, everywhere.

And apples 1/3 the price of Walmart (10¢ each).

Low cost encourages giving – it’s only $1 to give ten apples.


Near zero markup, everywhere.

And the apples are fresh off the tree.

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