How it works.

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The entire system is citizens simply provide each other with apples.

Fresh, eco-friendly – and far lower cost.


Apples enter the system only via an entire truckload of Indiana apples.

Bushels are in turn delivered to what we call “orchards” (see map).

An “orchard” is any citizen (including actual orchards) who keep bushels cold.


Refrigerated mini-vans do “bursts” (show up for an hour) at 20 map locations daily.

 Think “bursts” at Monument Circle, Children’s Museum, Good Earth, Butler – anywhere.

Citizens pickup ($12) bushels, $1 bags (10 fresh apples), or free (single) apples.


map shows WHERE to find fresh apples – by day, by the hour.


Normally, the farmer only sees 20% of the retail price.

Now, citizens get fresh (10¢) apples and farmers get 70%-80%.


At 10¢ an apple – a culture of giving springs up.

The best way to tell people is to simply give them an apple.

And tell them about the map – (soon)

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