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• May 12, 2014

The apple commons is a “proof of concept” to change the world.

Millions of apples distributing “non-commercially” at scale.


The current Internet (.com, .net, .org) serves the world poorly.

We must re-think global data itself – (as a global commons, owned by no one).

Moving beyond “owning data” … data should be a grid, like electricity.


In a new namespace – .open  (“dot” open)


New Top Level Domains (nTLD’s) are here now.

.jobs, .baby, .london, .coffee, .books


The apple commons team is a geeky group.

It’s composed of world-class Silicon Valley software engineers (from Indiana).


Imagine the nTLD — .open

An entire namespace (.open) where only “true commons” may be built.

An entire ecosystem where  data is a public “open” grid.


Unlike GoDaddy … it’ll be difficult to qualify for a .open address.

Anyone wanting a .open web address must build using the .open grid “open” protocol.

The goal is to literally to build an entirely non-commercial world.


If this vision appeals to you – join us.


As a commons ourselves, we have no building, no employees, no expenses.

Our engineers however are paid by the orchards, since we’re building their apple commons.

Despite the hyper-low cost to the orchards, our engineers are quite well-paid.

Think 1/2 of a penny on millions of apples for engineering.

Indiana consumes 300 million fresh apples a year.

And we’re not restricting the commons to only Indiana.

(a large foundation guarantees your salary, regardless of apple fluctuations.)


We need:

1)  Front-end developers (CSS, HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5)

2)  Ruby/Python backend developers

3) Mobile app developers


If you’re geeky, yet with only beginner/intermediate skills, we still need citizens who do documentary films, YouTube videos about “our apple story”, Google Maps API hacking, and social media growth-hacking.

Everyone has a unique skill – if you love our vision, call us.


Working with this crew is a Y Combinator opportunity, well worth it for any geek who wants to eventually make it in the Silicon Valley.

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